An almost 50-year history

Since 1970 Centro Telejnform Italia has been offering credit management services, assisting Italian and foreign companies to reduce their business and reputational risks to a minimum, that is it evaluates the reliability, performance, organisational structure and solidity of companies, both as clients and suppliers with whom to do business.

Our company is an official distributor of InfoCamere, an associated company of the Italian Chambers of Commerce and therefore it has comprehensive official data of over 7,000,000 companies that are registered with the Italian Chambers of Commerce. Moreover, thanks to a consolidated relationship, dating back to 1970, it can obtain official data on all the companies at worldwide level in a very short time.

The company-related data which is available to us includes:

  • Chamber of Commerce company registration details containing information relating to the registration data of each individual company as well as its shareholders and directors in the competent offices;
  • Financial statements of companies in the countries where they are filed in the formats provided for by current legislation;
  • Protests and adverse entries referring to negative opinions about people and companies in the countries where they are registered.

Telejnform, by having at its disposal the official data on all companies worldwide, carries out daily searches for business information on companies and people – both in Italy and abroad – and assesses their solvency, reliability and solidity in order to assess whether to authorise or deny a CREDIT LINE.

Due to ongoing contacts with its customers and thanks to its multifaceted approach, Telejnform can customise services according to different business needs through a widespread worldwide network.

The Telejnform Investigation Agency can provide land registry reports from all Italian property registry offices and make registrations at all national registry offices.

Telejnform has an internal structure of professionals, specialised in services relating to private and company investigations, that can quickly solve any kind of problem at competitive prices.

Centro Telejnform is also specialised in debt collection activities through phone collection, debtor tracing and debt collection at home.

Telejnform, in nearly fifty years of activity, has developed avant-garde services, thanks to a team of internal consultants, who bring together skills in various areas such as:

  • Business information
  • Security Risk Management: aimed at controlling and safeguarding corporate assets
  • Private Investigations
  • Security
  • Due Diligence
  • Video Analysis
  • Debt Collection