In 1970 Telejnform became the first official distributor of “InfoCamere” (the technological arm of the Italian Chambers of Commerce which manages all the information held by the System comprising the various Chambers in Italy) and, in support of its debt collection activities, it is able to perform complex asset investigations: tracing individuals, contracts, movable property, heirs and financial assets. More generally, Telejnfom can therefore understand the actual available assets of individuals and legal entities, going beyond normal evidence and therefore allowing a more thorough assessment of critical issues.

Our investigation agency can also assist companies which need to have news in order to protect themselves from business risks, both in Italian and foreign companies. Telejnform evaluates the reliability of business partners by examining:

  • Business information indicating the degree of reliability expressed in euros.
  • Official data and information with the help of internal consultants of the investigatory and intelligence sector to ensure targeted actions and effective interventions.
  • Verification of the accuracy of the documentation provided by the company/people, who request a credit line or loan from financial institutions.

How we elaborate our business information:

business information
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