Several Italian Supreme Court judgments have confirmed the employer’s legitimacy to carry out checks on some employees’ work activities and their leave from work or during periods in which they are absent due to illness or convalescence.

This activity can also be carried out covertly, but only by a licensed investigation agency.

Always more frequently, employees periodically submit medical certificates so that they can leave their jobs. Obviously, they can easily take advantage of this right.

The Telejnform agency conducts checks during employees’ absences and verifies if they go away from their homes, carry out activities that are detrimental to their convalescence or, even worse, activities that show they are completely fit to carry out their normal jobs.

Verifying the reliability and trustworthiness of an employee, especially in cases of prolonged absences, is appropriate and necessary to protect the interests of the company and the colleagues of the misbehaving employee.

The comprehensive information report that Telejnform issues to its customer allows the latter to support with documentary evidence a possible reprimand or, in more serious cases, the lawful dismissal for misconduct, or even a claim for damages caused to the company by the employee.