Bullying can generally be traced to a combination of behaviours that are difficult to standardise, such as psychological abuse, marginalisation, demotion, abuse of power, harassment, explicit inappropriate compliments and humiliations in the workplace.

It is not always easy to demonstrate that a person has been the victim of mobbing in the workplace, therefore it is crucial to understand the phenomenon well and to be able to take the necessary steps at an early stage.

The word mobbing, stemming from the English verb “to mob”, i.e. to attack in a group resembling a mob, to assault, is very complex. To be defined as such, mobbing must reflect certain characteristics and, particularly, it must occur in a well-defined period of time.

The following four elements are essential to prove the offence of bullying in the workplace:

  • To have been subjected to violence (physical or mental).
  • To ascertain damage to the individual assets or to the psychological and physical wellbeing of the employee.
  • To demonstrate the causal link between the violence and the resulting damage.
  • To demonstrate the persecutory intention of the employer, or mobber.

Our team of professionals helps you protect yourself through personalised advice and by providing hi-tech tools (recording systems etc.), in a lawful and discreet manner, in order to collect all the useful proof that can be used in court to sue for damages an employer, who harasses and marginalises an employee. Moreover, Telejnform can provide you with highly qualified staff who can act as a deterrent in order to put an end to the harassment to which an employee may be subjected.

Thanks to our expertise, we protect the personal and professional dignity of the people involved.

At the end of the investigation intervention, it will be possible to present in court all the evidence gathered against the mobbing crime.

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