If an employee takes possession of company assets or steals something in the workplace, from other colleagues or from the employer, besides committing a serious criminal offence, he/she is violating the mutual trust which must always underlie an employment relationship. Therefore, even if the employee has taken something which is not worth much, his/her behaviour may justify his/her dismissal.

In order to be able to proceed with lawful dismissal in the event of company theft, it is necessary to ascertain and document the theft. Therefore, companies may use the services of Telejnform.

Our investigation centre, thanks to the aid of technological instruments, in complete compliance with the most recent regulations and judgments in the specific field, can prevent these problems, using special techniques and technologies aimed at identifying the guilty subjects.

With the data that is collected, which constitutes the “objective incontrovertible evidence” of the employee’s misconduct, it is possible to dismiss the employee without notice, i.e. lawful dismissal.

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