Today companies pay close attention to what is related to their image and especially to their reputation. The corporate reputation reflects the perception of consumers towards a company, so it is essential to take care of it, consolidate it and keep it positive. is the platform that assigns a reputational and credibility RATING to customers and suppliers worldwide by integrating information from a multitude of sources in a single environment.

The value of is that it can be customized according to your needs, Nando is the right tool to monitor the production chain of your business partners and consolidate your Brand Reputation.


The platform assigns a RATING to suppliers and customers.

Questionnaires such as Check Form and Self Assessment are integrated with the Business Information, purchased from any provider, to assign the NANDO RATING.

The purpose of the questionnaires is to highlight the organizational and structural peculiarities of the company analyzed and to highlight its characteristics and any criticality that may compromise the reputation of your company.

By engaging and monitoring the activities of your business partners, you can consolidate your corporate reputation!

Nando is a Telejnform product and is based on a consolidated methodology of 50 years of presence in the Intelligence, Investigation, Credit&risk Management and Security sectors.

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