We have have been supporting
companies for almost 50 years

Since 1970 Centro Telejnform Italia has been offering credit management services and assisting Italian and foreign companies to reduce their business risks to a minimum.



Unique in Italy

We have online data on more than 7,000,000 companies which are registered with the Italian Chambers of Commerce.
We have online data on all financial statements of all joint-stock companies in Italy.
We have online data on all the protests issued in the last 5 years.
We have online data on all the adverse entries registered with Italian Courts and at the Land Registry Offices.
We daily compile business information on companies and people, both in Italy and abroad.
We are able to provide mortgage surveys in all the Italian Land Registry Offices.
We have an internal division which is specialised in all kinds of intelligence and investigation services.

Working with Telejnform has allowed us to improve our debt collection procedures. Our almost twenty-year-long collaboration has been and is still extremely advantageous. It has involved strategy consulting for a crucial area that is essential for a company’s success.

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Counterfeiting was seriously threatening the value of our brand, meaning serious repercussions on our entire production chain. Thanks to Telejnform we first curbed and then overcame the problem.

C. S.

As we have a large network of suppliers, many of whom are abroad, it is essential that all regulations are complied with; starting from environmental regulations up to employees’ rights in the workplace. Telejnform has guided us in selecting and choosing the right suppliers.

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