Private investigations entail research activity aimed at ascertaining facts which someone suspects are happening.
The investigatory activity is carried out by static surveillance and tailing the suspect, inspecting places, searching for people who are aware of what is happening, studying and obtaining documents.

The private investigator is entitled to carry out investigations in accordance with a specific regulation, precise duties and restrictions.

There are various intervention areas, but three main areas can be identified:

Protecting a person

Marital infidelity, checking a minor, revising maintenance payments or all those investigations concerning family/personal life.

Protecting a company

Disloyalty, theft in the company, misuse of a company asset, reputational feedback on a potential partner. The investigation is therefore useful to protect company assets and to maintain correct corporate management.

Protection of work

This activity aims to ascertain the behaviour of an employee during parental leave, paid leave from work in compliance with the Italian Law n. 104, sick leave, every occasion in which a law can easily be taken advantage of.

From experience, it should be noted that restricting the scope of the investigatory action in these three cases would be inappropriate, as there are endless aspects and infinite complications that individuals and companies face during the course of their lives.