The experience gained by Telejnform has enabled the company to develop effective strategies to assess in the best possible manner the solvency of all subjects who interact with a company. This allows us to develop personalised credit management methodologies, which though are in line with the size of our customer and, at the same time, guarantee the certainty of collecting the outstanding debt.

In Italy, debt collection is still a huge problem and has many negative repercussions on all sectors and even on the community.

Telejnform is aware of the problem and, over the years, it has set up a specific division which, in an extremely efficient manner, deals with extrajudicial debt collection through notifications, finding the debtor and assessing assets. This investigation activity also enables improved coordination, cost reductions, given that many of the activities listed above are normally contracted out to investigation or debt collection agencies by law firms, thus increasing costs.

Telejnform can also guarantee a continuous monitoring of debtors, arranging precise reminder actions for every degree and level entailed in the non-payment of debt obligations.

Telejnform assists its clients also in judicial debt collection through its internal legal division and with the aid of lawyers present all over Italy. It takes care of all the activities relating to injunctions and summons, also including distraints and sales by auction.

The benefit of using our internal legal office also lies in the fact that Telejnform can provide lawyers with comprehensive assistance in the event of:

    • a debtor not being traced for notifications that must be notified to him/her,
    • tracing seizable assets,
    • assistance to court officers, during distraint orders,
  • investigatory activities to support judicial activity.

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