The concept of security within an organisation embraces a broad range of risks:

  • Physical safety of the company infrastructure
  • IT security
  • Work safety
  • Management of a company’s primary asset: employees, who may become unfaithful
  • Information and communication network
  • Protection and control of Logistics
  • Supplier control
  • Verification of third-parties

All this guarantees business continuity

Telejnform analyses the overall risk and ensures its appropriate management, thanks to more than twenty years of experience in working with leading companies in the sectors of food and beverage , electronics, clothing and heating systems, offering a Security Risk Management service with a two-step intervention methodology:

  1. An initial step, during which together with the client we analyse all the real and/or potential critical issues and, at the same time, we proceed to guarantee company continuity plans by intervening on the critical points that may jeopardise the manufacturing processes.
  2. Thanks to an ongoing analysis of the company’s development scenarios, we guarantee we can prevent the critical issues that may suddenly and unexpectedly occur, thus maintaining the efficiency and intactness of the company’s assets.
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