After the death of a person who has left a will and if disputes arise on its content, Telejnform can substantiate and clarify all the de facto situations that have led to disputes in the testamentary succession phase.

By analysing the relationship, reliability of the testamentary dispositions and all elements deemed to be useful in the specific case, it will be possible to reach an irrefutable documented conclusion on the client’s rights.

Telejnform provides investigations on estate disputes by analysing:
– Assessments of simulated sales (fake donations)
– Misappropriation of assets from the estate (stealing of assets from the estate assets)
– Documentation concerning the acceptance in all intents and purposes of the estate (or tacit acceptance)
– Identification of heirs and persons entitled to succeed
– Verification of the existence of the waiver or acceptance with the benefit of inventory of the inheritance

We provide comprehensive dossiers which can be legally presented in Court.

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