Telejnform’s approach to corporate and operational security is based on specific threats to your organisation. We avoid adopting an approach that can overburden companies or give priority to the wrong risks. We identify your specific risks in order to provide targeted security that does not jeopardise your competitiveness.

A safe organisation is one which has identified the company’s critical issues and the way to curb them by creating a real security synergy. We consider the safety of all your assets, people, their physical and technological environment to be interconnected. They are in a context of reputational risk and growing regulatory requirements that outline how we should approach the matter to ensure tailored corporate security.

Our approach to corporate security is based on the potential threat facing a company. It has been developed over decades, based on our guiding principle, whereby taking on controlled risks is essential for achieving success. Too much security can have a negative impact on your organisation, while too little security makes your operations vulnerable and your is board potentially liable for what happens. Telejnform combines experience and expertise with hi-tech skills, providing people with the security they need to focus on growth.

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