Premises and telephone debugging are particularly important in companies because they allow you to analyse the conditions of the places where you discuss and decide business strategies, but also to check if there are possible bugging devices.

Telejnform, thanks to a staff comprising telecommunications professionals, qualified investigators and computer experts and by using sophisticated mobile equipment, can find and neutralise any surveillance instruments, even small ones, and disconnect them, in order to completely debug the specific premises.

Through a network of professionals who are present in various countries, all kinds of debugging activities are carried out.

Therefore, electronic equipment detects bugging devices, bugs, micro video cameras, recorders, microphones and any other hidden equipment, which is used to check and violate the right to privacy and to steal confidential information.

The technical phases are:

  1. Analysing and checking the premises or the device with the latest equipment.
  2. Identifying and removing any detectors, bugging devices, etc.
  3. Debugging and restoring security in the given premises or of the bugging device by placing seals on it.
  4. Conducting unscheduled monitoring.