Granting custody of a child is in a very sensitive issue that requires special attention, since the former spouses are only partly able to make correct and objective evaluations.

Based on judge orders, Telejnform will check if the places, people, everyday life and behaviours of the former spouse are compatible with having been given custody of the child.

The material collected within the investigations may be used in a court of law for the possible withdrawal of custody of a minor, and for submitting a simultaneous request to the Court of Guardians for sole custody.

In addition to ascertaining a possible bad or damaging behaviour for the wellbeing of the minor, Telejnform can carry out extensive investigations relating to:

  • Checking the reliability of new partners and new cohabitations that may indirectly involve the minor.
  • Conducting surveys that aim to verify the real-life conditions of minors whose custody is given to one of the parents (suitability of places, people and circumstances).
  • Verifying conditions that can invalidate the minor’s custody.
  • Investigations to recalculate the amount of maintenance payments for minors.
  • Drug use or abuse of alcoholic beverages on the part of the parent who has been granted custody of a minor/minors.